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Note: In the event the button will not be pressed within the 5 seconds that the 88 is shown the automatic diagnostic test method will commence soon after any saved fault/ error codes are shown.

If no two digit console ID# code is displayed you might have to exchange the user interface, but seek to run the remainder of the examination anyway.

Although the tub sensor sensor shines invisible light-weight via a perforated disk inside the gearcase to sense tub movement. It then experiences back again towards the washer’s control the tub’s motion standing.

This means that the dispenser motor which directs fill drinking water to the appropriate dispenser area, is just not transferring adequately. go ahead and take major off and operate the Duet Washer Fast Diagnostic Check, C03 checks the Duet washer’s dispensing program.

The log valve assembly includes an inlet valve with hot and cold drinking water valves and solenoids for incoming h2o provide and 4 (four) outlet valves for the water to exit the valve body.

Funky smelling clothes coming from an appliance made to clear dresses doesn’t make Considerably sense, in addition to wont get you much action. Afresh washing machine cleaning tablets.

Take note: if a resistance difficulty is detected for the P4 control board connection, be sure to check the recirculation pump right prior to ordering a different pump, this will likely get rid of attainable problems with the wiring harness. Also be sure to Look at most of the related hoses as well as tub sump area for blockages.

The washer’s lid latch serves 1 main intent, to help keep your arms connected to your body. To accomplish this job it initial senses In the event the lid is shut or open up, and Next locks the lid.

Basket rotates clockwise with clean speed. When there is not adequate drinking water in the tub, the water inlet valve is going to be switched ON to fill-inside the minimal water amount.

When setting up the new coupling, be careful never to strike much too tough. (This could potentially cause harm to the motor or begin transmission oil leaks.)

Your Duet washer was not able to lock the door following six situations… you can’t say it didn’t check out. Check out the tab over the washer’s doorway that inserts in to the door lock will not be broken, that it’s adequately aligned with the door lock gap, Which there's nothing that may be jamming the lock. (Duet Washer Doorway Lock Examine)

Your Duet washer has detected that it is stuffed with cleaning soap suds which can be tricky to drain. Or perhaps your Duet washer wants a beer… This can be because of utilizing non HE washer detergent, making use of excessive cleaning soap, or quite possibly a drain pump or strain sensing dilemma.

five. Should you be struggling to enter the diagnostic test method, press the power button and confirm the button you ended up attempting to use operates adequately to software the washer’s cycle perform. There may be something Improper with that function button.

Communication mistake concerning the leading Handle and the motor Regulate. Check out each of the Mobile Auto Repair Melbourne wire connections from your CCU into the MSU once and for all relationship. If every little thing looks superior, look for broken wires with a multi meter.

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